Two years ago Damon Viccor and his wife, Maggie, were struck in traffic on 14th Street when an electric bike glided by them.

“This guy floated by on an electric bike in the bike lane, looking all relaxed,” Viccor said. “I figured if I can’t beat him, join him.”

Now, electric bikes are a big part of Viccor’s life. Not only does he ride one, but he sells them out of his print shop, One Stop Printing, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Viccor, 58, believes if he convinces a person to buy an electric bike, there’s a one-in-five chance the new electric bike owner will forget about buying a car. Also, he believes rising gasoline prices isn’t the only impetus for people to look for transportation alternatives that use electricity.

“The average person on a regular bike cannot travel 10 miles without stopping to rest,” Viccor said. “But modern electric bikes would allow average folks to travel twice that distance without stopping, and without polluting the air with greenhouse gases.”

“Plus it’s so fun to ride,” he said.