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“Black Lives Matter” protest in Columbus Circle

Tensions rose nationwide after the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, 40, of Tulsa Oklahoma last week and Keith Lamont Scott, 43, of Charlotte North Carolina this past week, and protests erupted nationwide.

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Voices of Harlem

A special report by the staff of Pavement Pieces explores Harlem today. Video by Amina Srna (Virtual Reality video must be viewed using the Chrome Browser.) To view click here  

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Home Cooking: A shift in New York food culture

A 2011 survey showed 28 percent of Americans don’t know how to cook.


NY Primary: The senior democratic vote

Senior voters weigh in Hillary vs Bernie primary.


NY Primary: Women and Hillary Clinton

Women give the pros and cons of a Hillary presidency.

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NY Primary: Millennials for Hillary

Millennials gather to support their candidate, Hilary Clinton, and each other.

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Cuban Americans still can’t agree on Obama’s historic visit to Cuba

A month after Obama’s controversial visit to island, Cuban Americans can’t agree whether it was a good idea.

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NY Primary: Young Voters for Bernie

Young voters give their thoughts on the Democratic candidates. They choose Bernie.

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NYC Primary: “Feeling the Bern” at Washington Square Park

The Sanders campaign estimated 27,000 New Yorkers attended the rally.

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Rainy skies cancels opening day at Yankee Stadium

Opening day at Yankee Stadium is rained out