Special Report: America Votes

Amid national tension and uncertainty, Joe Biden scores big in Michigan.

“After a long night of counting, it is clear that we are winning enough states to reach 270 votes to reach the presidency,” said Biden.

Special Report: America Votes

Three black women, three walks of life, one presidential election

Iyoniah Teague, 19  Iyoniah Teague said the morning of October 26th was one of the most nerve wracking moments of […]

Special Report: America Votes

Soho Trump supporter cast his vote

His entire family voted for Donald Trump, believing that he “deserves a [another] chance.”

Special Report: America Votes

New Yorkers are ready to VOTE

As it started to get dark in NYC, voters became emboldened to show and tell people who they voted for and what groups they stood with.

Special Report: America Votes

The Message of “Law and Order” Resonates with TriBeCa Mother

On the eve of election night, Diane Mollica took a subway to the Upper West Side, joining a line of […]

Special Report: America Votes

A reluctant voter makes a choice

With Trump as President, he believes American democracy would be further destroyed and the country would be more divided.  

Special Report: America Votes

Trump Tower mail in voter for Biden

“I think Joe Biden will win. God, knock on wood though,”


Race and social justice fuel some black men to vote

For many Black male voters, the upcoming election feels like a life or death issue.


A New Generation of Poll Workers

“We came up with the idea to focus on recruiting high school and college students to become poll workers for the election.”


Sale of Small Town Pond Reignites Affordable Housing Debate

The Bartons’ plans to sell the Noe Pond Club represents more than just the end of a historic family business founded in 1955.