New Yorkers peacefully protest the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor case

Despite pressure from the public for months following Taylor's shooting, an EMT shot dead as she slept in her bed during a botched warrant execution, all but one officer is being charged—and not for murder.


Census flash mob dance on Times Square

Census data determines the allocation of trillions of dollars in federal funding to various programs within communities.


Verdict on Breonna Taylor’s death sparks public outrage amid pre-existing racial tensions

As the public continues to express outrage and demand justice for Breonna Taylor, the justice system's role has also come under the microscope.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

The pandemic is causing mental health struggles for many Latinos

 Latinx, Black and Asian Americans have been the hardest hit throughout the pandemic.


LaGuardia AirTrain construction will help unions, but could harm local residents

The construction could interfere with an ongoing environmental remediation and a community redevelopment project to revive Willets Point by building new affordable living.


Republican Senate majority poised to replace RBG with Trump’s pick

Now some Democratic voters fear what will come next. 

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Politically divided family can agree on one thing, rallies are bad during a pandemic

But they butt heads on just about everything else.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

New Yorkers are vulnerable to mental issues due to pandemic

Racial and demographical disparities also play a significant role in New Yorkers' health issues during the pandemic.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Healthcare professionals struggle with Trump’s decisions during pandemic

President Trump has not followed CDC guidelines for face-covering, and social-distancing measures by holding large in-person, indoor campaign rallies.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Some Americans Say “Not So Fast” on Operation Warp Speed

As the federal government and pharmaceutical companies race towards a vaccine for COVID-19, Americans have mixed emotions about it.