They fled the war. Now what? 

Five different stories of Ukrainians who escaped the war to the US 


After one American rescued her parents in Ukraine, a new challenge emerges: Accessing healthcare

The American system is notoriously backlogged, even with President Biden’s promise to take in 100,000 Ukrainians.


Gathering in Resistance: New Yorkers Stand with Ukraine 

 Hundreds of New Yorkers gather in various locations in Manhattan to denounce Russia's invasion of Ukraine 

Special Report: Philly Stories

Spike in Black opiate overdoses in Philadelphia show racial disparities

Fatal opiate addiction overdoses in Philly’s black community rose more than 50 percent.

Special Report: Philly Stories

Illegal trash dumping plagues Philadelphia’s Black and brown neighborhoods

It is common for developers to buy up vacant lots for cheap, and then leave them to fill with trash.

Special Report: Philly Stories

The battle over the Columbus statue continues

The fate of Columbus remains in the hands of the Philadelphia Supreme Court, which will decide within the next 60 days if the statue will remain covered.

Special Report: Philly Stories

Supporting the unhoused in West Philadelphia

As rental assistance from the state is running dry of covid funds, there has been a stunning increase in illegal evictions.


Angry New Yorkers erupt over what could be the end of Roe v. Wade after Supreme Court leak

 If repealed, access to abortion would not undergo a federal ban, but instead would grant individual states the ability to heavily restrict or outlaw the procedure.


Drinks to go could be a lifeline for city restaurants


Democratic New York gubernatorial candidate Jumaane Williams rallies to ‘tax the rich’

In the two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, billionaires in the United States grew 57% richer, adding $1.7 trillion to their worth.