Angry New Yorkers erupt over what could be the end of Roe v. Wade after Supreme Court leak

 If repealed, access to abortion would not undergo a federal ban, but instead would grant individual states the ability to heavily restrict or outlaw the procedure.


NY gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giulani tries to grab the spotlight outside of Democratic Convention

Giuliani appeared outside of the New York Democratic State Convention alongside 2021 mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, New York Young Republicans Club President Gavin Wax and Senate candidate Stefano Forte. The men failed to draw a crowd.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Black New Yorkers Want Manhattan’s First Black District Attorney To Be ‘Tough’

Bragg, Manhattan’s first Black DA, is welcomed by many New Yorkers as being home-grown, and for confronting issues important to the community.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

The only woman of color in Nashua’s city council is reelected

Shoshanna Kelly wins a second term as Nashua, New Hampshire's Alderwoman at-large.


After a double digit loss in the NYC mayor’s race, Sliwa concedes to Adams

After a contentious race for NYC mayor, Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa conceded to rival Eric Adams just 40 minutes after […]


A cat, a jacket and a jammed ballot makes voting a headache for NYC Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa

“I’ll be going to polling locations all day until the final tally at nine, and I will hear stories from Democrats, Independents and Republicans that their name wasn’t in the book even though they voted in the presidential election"


Curtis Sliwa trails in mayor’s race but fights on

Republican mayoral candidate and founder of the Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa, has spent the final week on the campaign trail hoping to pull ahead of his Democratic rival, Eric Adams.


Low turnout, as usual, expected for NYC upcoming local election

Now, a  new election cycle is quickly approaching  and once again New Yorkers  don't seem very interested in choosing who will run their city.  


Trump is acquitted

Seven Republicans joined 50 Democrats in voting “guilty'', but they fell 10 votes shy of the 67 votes needed to charge Trump with inciting the insurrection. 


Pakistanis “not surprised” by Trump’s acquittal

Many Pakistanis believe that Trump was directly responsible for the insurgency.