Van Barbershop provides safe space for LGBTQ+ haircuts

Oftentimes, barbershops are used to traditional gender norms with hairstyles, which leaves individuals in the LGBTQ+ community in a state of distress.


Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day via Motorcycles

Ahead of NYC’s first official Indigenous Peoples’ Day, REDRUM, an Indigenous motorcycle club, hosted the group’s commemorative cruise.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Liberation through imagination

This torrent of emotions evolved into “Philosophy,” a poem about the value of Black life, that earned 27.6k views when performed

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Penfield’s Black Supermoms Make Sure School Kids know Black Kids Matter

It wasn’t only black children and their mothers, but people of all colours and nationalities who joined both the rallies, creating an inclusive and cohesive space.


NFT or Digital asset art nets thousands in sales

Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, an NFT is typically one of a kind, which can make them extremely valuable.


Park Slope bar captures soccer frenzy

“A decade ago they wouldn’t even show these games on TV, no one would have been here."


A dogs love can cure the blues

Early in the pandemic there was a waiting list to adopt dogs from shelters.


Little Italy’s Feast of San Gennaro makes a comeback

Business owners hoped the feast would be the boost neighborhood businesses would need.


Brownsville middle school manages learning in the city’s evolving Covid reality

Filling out a health pass is a prerequisite to entering the building.


Army veteran hawks carnival game at Feast of San Gennaro

“I'm a people person, especially when it comes down to the kids,” he said.