At around 10:30 am, Nkosi Solomon waits for the train that takes him to Gleason’s Gym for morning training. He said this is his daily commute. Photo by Nathan Morris

Pro boxer Nkosi Solomon, wants to be the heavyweight champion of the world. He believes it will take 10,000 hours of intense training to do it. A boxer for eight years, he has been training  under Don Saxby at Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO for a little over a year. His pro standings is currently four wins and one loss. He was on the 2017 roster for Team USA and is a four-time golden glove champion. 

The 26-year-old boxer immigrated to  the United States  from Guyana when he was boy and grew up on the same street as famed former boxer Mike Tyson. Solomon describes himself as a kid who was once short and skinny with a big head, but all of that changed as he grew older.

Solomon now stands at 6 feet, 7 inches tall. He said as he grew, he began feeling like he was too big for an office job. He wanted to find a job he could love and find purpose in. With boxing, he found that. 

He is currently training for a  Nov. 13  fight  in New Hampshire. 

Pro Boxer Nkosi Solomon looks at himself in the mirror while he preparing for his pre-training stretches. He said this also gives him a workout before the workout, as he sweats just a little bit before the intensive training. Photo by Nathan Morris

The peeled sole of Solomon’s boxing boot. It does not phase him as he engages in stretching before he begins sparring. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon lands a punch on the pad held by his coach Don Saxby. He considers this an intensive part of training because it is fast-paced and focus-based. Nathan Morris

The gloves of Solomon’s first fight as a pro boxer. He lost his first pro fight, and he keeps it on the wall of his dining room as a reminder and motivation to not lose again. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon pumps himself up while training. “You know, I used to be short and skinny with a big head when I was a kid,” he said. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon listens to instruction from his coach during his heavy bag exercise. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon participates in a heavyweight sparring match. Many of those training inside the gym stop to watch him spar six rounds. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon and his sparring partner, Pryce Taylor, at the end of their sparring match. Solomon said that they both know how each other fights and that the match was bound to be exciting. Photo by Nathan Morris

Solomon takes a breather near the end of his training day. Photo by Nathan Morris

A graduation photo of  Solomon, with the lanyard he wore as part of Team USA’s boxing team hang on his living room wall.  His mom wants it there as a reminder of his accomplishments. Photo by Nathan Morris