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The Border Project: Detained

The Department of Homeland Security held more than 380,000 immigrants in custody at 350 facilities nationwide in 2009 alone.


Popular street entertainer copes in color

It's easy to dismiss Gomez as nothing more than a sideshow performer. But there is a method to his madness: Gomez has AIDS, and his colorful persona helps him cope.

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Muslim immigrants struggle with domestic abuse

Mollah was a victim of domestic violence for two decades. As a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia, she knew no one in New York City she could turn to for help.


Bangladeshi immigrant grooms future leaders

Muhammad Rashid sought to fill his debt of gratitude to the U.S. by grooming future leaders, helping them pass New York City’s Specialized High School Exam.


Big foot mystery on the Upper East Side

On an Upper East Side street stands a white, 3-foot plaster statute of a foot — and no one knows its purpose.


Jackson Heights: Diverse and almost integrated

Jackson Heights is touted as New York City’s most diverse neighborhood. Residents relish the distinction, but some admit the community is not as integrated as it could be.


Haiti Earthquake: Veteran reporter speaks on disaster

It was sheer devastation, and USA Today national reporter Marisol Bello witnessed it all.

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Haiti Earthquake: ‘I lost my family’

After recently losing his wife to diabetes, Gaspard Lynch lost his family and business in the Haiti earthquake.


Holiday protest on Park Avenue

Santa Claus and a band of activist delivered an early Christmas present yesterday to Blackstone Inc. The Corporations wants to build coal fired plants near their homes.


Second Avenue subway causes strife

Residents are losing their homes and stores are losing business to the $4.5 billion subway, which will run along Second Avenue from 96th Street to 63rd Street and open in 2017.