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The Border Project: Wrangling the border

After local rancher Robert Krentz was killed on his property in Arizona, efforts to increase border security have improved, many ranchers say.

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The Border Project: Guarding the line

Former Special Agent Lee Morgan talks about ranchers by the Arizona-Mexico border.

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Federal funds help with weatherization

President Obama’s stimulus bill allocated $5 billion to provide energy-saving measures specifically to low-income families.

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Green movement targets low-income communities

Governments across the country promote environmentalism in low-income communities. But many residents say those programs feel distant and irrelevant to their lives.


Trangendered woman lives with HIV

It is estimated that 56 percent of African-American male-to-females tested positive for HIV, double the estimated rate of HIV infection in the entire MTF transgender community.


Latina teen pregnancy troubling in Bronx

At Rosanna Herrara’s high school in the Bronx, the sex talk came too late for some girls in her health-education class.


NYC Marathon: A first-time runner

Thousands of veteran and first-time marathon runners rode the ferry from the Staten Island Station in Manhattan to Staten Island, where shuttle buses took them to the start at Verrazano Bridge.


LGBT job fair draws thousands

Nearly 3,000 members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community at the third annual Out to Work event on Sept. 17. Sponsored by the LGBT Community Center and the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, it is the largest LGBT job fair in the Northeast.