Beauty on-demand services grow in NYC

There really is an app for everything. Amongst the successes of Uber and Seamless, the world of on-demand services is booming – and that includes beauty and grooming.

With the tap of a screen, you can have a hair stylist or makeup artist come right to your home or office. Through apps such as PRIV and GLAMSQUAD, beauty experts are available at your fingertips.

“I think it’s just the most modern way to get ready and it’s really a time saver,” said Kelli J. Bartlett, Director of Makeup Artistry at GLAMSQUAD. “We already have so many other ways that you can get someone to you when you want it, so why would you not want someone to come in and take care of your look for you?”

GLAMSQUAD offers hair ($50) and makeup services ($75), while PRIV adds fitness and wellness services to their roster, including massages (starting at $45) and personal training ($80). Both companies provide access to trained professionals who come to you when you need them.

Although beauty and technology may sound like an unlikely pairing, the industry is becoming more popular and more startup companies are getting in on the action, such as Vênsette and Manicube.

“The world of beauty is only recently becoming more in touch with the world of technology, it’s usually been very separate,” said Greg Kopyltsov, Chief Technical Officer at PRIV. “It’s definitely going to keep going towards easier, faster and more available, because the same way that technology moves every other field forward, it’s going to affect beauty the same way.”