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GOP CNN Debate: Republicans battle for 3 hours

Jake Tapper opened the debate with a heated question...

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GOP CNN Debate: Trump goes on attack again

Trump and Fiorina, who previously exchanged some harsh public words, were up first with some tough questions about whether she would trust him with nuclear codes (the answer was no).

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CNN GOP Debate: Inconsequential overall

[View the story “Second GOP debate, inconsequential overall.” on Storify]

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Two Bodies recovered from East Village explosion and building collapse

Megan Jamerson reports

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2015 Academy Awards

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2014 Academy Awards

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Violence in Chicago’s South Side

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Southeast Asia’s ugly obession with fair skin

[View the story “South Asia’s Ugly Obsession with Fair Skin” on Storify]

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Have you met the de Blasio’s

Newly elected, Democratic Mayor, Bill de Blasio, was no stranger to the spotlight, and throughout his campaign, neither were his family members.

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If polls had wings, de Blasio would fly.

It was a landslide victory for Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio in the race for New York City's top job Tuesday night. It took less than an hour after the polls to close to read the writing on the wall for his opponent.