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A Disappearing Language

The Bukharian Jewish community of Central Asia has kept their culture alive in Queens with colorful religious celebrations and active civic participation. But the Bukharian language--a living record of their 2,000 year journey--is now in danger of disappearing.


The Food Cart Invasion

Food vendors are at the center of a controversy in Jackson Heights, Queens over who owns the streets and sidewalks. Do they present quality of life problems for residents, or are they just trying to make a living?


Police in Little Pakistan

After 9/11 the community of Little Pakistan in Brooklyn became a profiling target for local and federal police. People were traumatized and feared any law enforcement agencies, and only now they are starting to regain trust in police.

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The Forgotten Navajo: A family’s pain

Leonard and his wife Helen have lost seven of their 11 children – all before they reached the age of 36.

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The Forgotten Navajo: Housing crisis

The housing crisis in Navajo Nation is at devastating proportions.


Chinese protestors unite against persecution

Falun Gong practitioners protested persecution in China at the 64th United Nations General Assembly.


Boutique offers clothing, training, hope

Bottomless Closet is a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged women in New York and other cities with interview skills, career development and, most importantly, clothes.


Budget cuts hurt after-school programs

PS 64 receives funding from both the city and the state, but this past year, the program lost its state funding from the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC).and as a result, the program lost of 80 of its 120 students and 21 of its 30 staff members.


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Follow the zany antics, heart-wrenching drama, and high-flying adventures of senior citizen scooter racing.