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New Yorkers are fearful after Sunset Park subway shooting and arrest

Although there’s an increased police presence, some feel this is a part of a bigger issue of subway safety in the city.


Little relief at the pumps

A week after Biden’s historic oil reserve release to reduce gas prices, motorist are still struggling to fill a tank.


Arson Shakes Bushwick Queer Community

“I could have never imagined this would happen,” said Tyler Glenn, the club's bartender when the fire broke out.


Many Ukrainian refugees live in US “legal limbo

Many Ukrainian families that don't have permanent residency or green cards in the US are staying here with just tourist visas.  They are not eligible for work and their children cannot attend school.


An abundance of methadone clinics live in Harlem

Most Harlem methadone clinics are located near residential areas.


Citi Bike leaves out a chunk of New Yorkers including those most in need of a ride

More than 70 percent of neighborhoods with a median household income under $20,000 lack access to bike sharing. 


Seeding Opportunity Initiative seeks to build equity in NY’s cannabis industry

Promoted as the ‘first’ of its kind in the country, the initiative seeks to award the first 100 retail adult-use cannabis dispensary licenses to individuals with cannabis-related criminal records, or their immediate relatives.


New York City’s Ukraine Village unites as war in Ukraine continues

 As the war goes on, the community keeps gathering for fundraising events.


Formerly Incarcerated People Call Hochul’s Private Prison Labor Proposal “Legal Slavery”

“It is slavery,” Johnson said.  “You’re getting 10 cents an hour, and it takes jobs away out here. If private companies can have prisoners make products, they aren’t going to pay minimum wage out here.”


Q&A with Ukrainian LGBTQ Rights Activist Yevhen Trachuk

"I'm sure that if the baddest happens, if Russia takes control of Ukraine, it's bad for all and for gay people also, because still they don't like gays."