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Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

Thriving while Sober in A Drug Crippled Industry

New Hampshire is in the midst of an addiction crisis that is now a front-and-center issue in the Democratic primary here.

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

Democratic Primary Boosts Business for Manchester and Nashua Establishments

Every four years, when the primary campaigns come to New Hampshire, that economic activity spikes even more.

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

Trade Wars and Tariffs Matter in New Hampshire

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the ongoing trade war has threatened $415M in state exports to China and Europe with a potential impact on 183,900 New Hampshire jobs tied to international trade. 

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

Are Sanders’ New Hampshire Supporters “Bernie Bros”?

In 2016 Sanders struggled to match Hillary’s support in nonwhite communities. But this time around, Sanders’ movement is much more diverse, both racially and in terms of other metrics like gender and education level.

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

Who Has the Immigrant Vote in the New Hampshire Primary?

Among the enthusiastic campaign followers braving the cold were immigrants for whom American elections hold special appeal.

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

New Hampshire Republicans stick with party

Republicans also descended on Manchester to support President’s Trump’s planned rally on Monday evening.

Special Report: New Hampshire Primary 2020

New Hampshire battles opioid crisis as the state goes to primaries    

For the Flanagans, opioid addiction runs in their family. It began with Shawn, the father, and continued in his three […]


Despite the controversies, some women won’t let go of Victoria’s Secret

A report in the New York Times last Saturday described how in the past Victoria’s Secret top male executives fostered a culture of misogyny, bullying and harassment, for example making advances on models and punishing them for refusing.


Crown Heights businesses settles into the warmest winter in 40 years

According to the World Meteorological Organization  global warming has caused an increase of 33 degrees in the world’s temperature in the last five years.


Nolita church and business targeted by pro-choice activists

The goal was to stop Tommy Tours from working with the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Nolita, a church that holds a monthly “witness for life” mass followed by a march to a nearby Planned Parenthood where they sing and pray against abortion.