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Special Report: America Votes

Poll worker keeps it moving

Their small team is a diverse one.

Special Report: America Votes

NYU sophomore casts ballot for Biden at dorm polling station

Time is key for the busy dance major, who must balance a full-course load on top of rigorous workouts and her job as an in-store shopper at a Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn.

Special Report: America Votes

Elderly black voter does not take the right for granted

As 77-year-old Carolyn Mason sat in her kitchen filling out a mail-in ballot in October, she did not take for […]

Special Report: America Votes

A reluctant voter makes a choice

With Trump as President, he believes American democracy would be further destroyed and the country would be more divided.  

Special Report: America Votes

Smoke clears over Bay Area as voters take to the polls

Voting in person for the first time actually feels a lot better than voting by mail.

Special Report: America Votes

Fears of violence in the aftermath of Election Day have citizens uneasy

Like many other American citizens, Weaver fears post-election violence from militia groups and other radicalized entities

Special Report: America Votes

First time voters in Long Island worry about election outcome 

Her nerves were somewhat calmed after a smooth voting experience: there was little traffic on her way to the polls and there was no line once she arrived.

Special Report: America Votes

The pandemic can’t stop Generation Z from voting

So many Americans just want to life to return to  normal. 


Diverse Latino voters are making their presidential choice this election

The size and diversity of the Latino community makes it hard for any candidate to ignore them.

Special Report: America Votes

Trump Tower mail in voter for Biden

“I think Joe Biden will win. God, knock on wood though,”