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Broadway reopens after 18 months of silence

 People are slowly returning to its seats as the industry cautiously opens its doors back to the public.


Hospital Demolition Plans Worry Queer and Nude Beachgoers

 The queer community and the nude community at The People’s Beach–with much overlap between them–have initiated petitions to #saveriisbeach.


Protesters rally against Rikers solitary confinement as conditions in the jail plunge

“People are still dying within the walls of Rikers Island,


The growing impact of TikTok micro-trends in fashion

  These fast-moving, disposable micro-trends have created a reckoning within the fashion industry and the issue of sustainability.


New York business owner struggles during pandemic amid city regulations and mandates

Now, restaurants are required to ask for vaccination cards along with a valid form of identification from every customer looking to dine in.


Airstream Art on Astor Place

“I’ve missed seeing stuff like this.”


Some college athletes struggle under their masks

NYU’s basketball season was canceled last year and this year they are required to wear masks at all times while participating in any activity in the Palladium, their campus training facility.


Activists vow to save East River Park

The first of the 1,000 trees are scheduled to be cut down on Monday which will destroy the downtown sanctuary feeling of the park, protestors said. 


Vigil Honors Black Lives Killed by Police

Volunteers alternated reading the names out loud for the public to hear.


Green-Wood Cemetery Commemorates 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

“I didn't expect it to be this moving"