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Despite mayor’s push, some unhoused don’t want to live in shelters

Pavement Pieces · Despite mayor's push, some unhoused don’t want to live in shelters


Earth Day Festival in Union Square Park

Some of the solutions offered by exhibitors at the event are easy enough for anybody to start today.


The city’s plan to fight racial inequalities in child birth is more doulas

The mayor says this expansion will provide free access for doulas for birthing families and focus on 33 neighborhoods with greatest social needs.


LGBTQ community find a home in Big Apple Rec League

"I can no longer walk out of my door in New York City and be alone."


Drinks to go could be a lifeline for city restaurants


Democratic New York gubernatorial candidate Jumaane Williams rallies to ‘tax the rich’

In the two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, billionaires in the United States grew 57% richer, adding $1.7 trillion to their worth.


Transgender, non-binary and gender non-confirming boxing group promotes community building

While Nolan Hanson was taking time off from competing in amateur boxing due to a wrist injury that required surgery, […]


New Yorkers are fearful after Sunset Park subway shooting and arrest

Although there’s an increased police presence, some feel this is a part of a bigger issue of subway safety in the city.


Little relief at the pumps

A week after Biden’s historic oil reserve release to reduce gas prices, motorist are still struggling to fill a tank.


Non-profit helps students in Bronx grow microgreens to tackle food insecurity

Its activities are divided between organizing climate-based after-school programming like the gardening club and incorporating climate curriculum into classes.