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Daycare workers face increasing challenges as Covid cases rise

Fast spreading Omicron makes any gathering of unvaccinated kids a potential superspreader event.


Victims of Bronx fire honored in memorial

The memorial, decorated with colorful flowers, candles, and toys was accompanied by photographs of the men, women, and children who died from smoke inhalation.


A Fight for the New Rights of Delivery Workers: Los Deliveristas Unidos

Three times each week, Gonzalez and Los Deliveristas have been hosting ‘coffee breaks’ around NYC to educate delivery workers on a new slate of delivery workers rights that went into effect on January 24.


Transit employees struggle with mental health in wake of transit crime surge

There were more than double the number of murders and rapes in 2021 than there were in 1997, and underground assaults reached their highest count since 1997 at 461.


Students Excited to Return to In-Person Classes After a Virtual Start

While some students thought that these two virtual weeks were helpful, others felt that ultimately, it did not help them or others enough and thought it discouraged them from learning at the best possible level.


Slain NYPD officer Rivera lived his dream, but it was too short

“He was everything the city and NYPD needed him to be.”


NYU Covid Protocols Halt Cheer Team from Competing at Nationals

This year, I think almost every single school, at least that I know of, is planning on going, so we are the only ones I know of who are not allowed.”


Pandemic singles ‘swipe right’ on dating apps

The rise in dating app downloads can be attributed to hesitancy - or the inability - to meet new people in the real world.


Omicron spoils the return to school from winter break

“The guidance is constantly changing, people are confused and frustrated, it’s a lot to keep up with."


NYC commuters discuss plan to remove homeless from subway

"People need help out here man. It could be you tomorrow."