Muslims voice concern over Trump’s success

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has proposed a policy that would temporarily, yet completely, ban Muslims from the United States should he be elected president.

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GOP CNN Debate: Fiorina rises

The fierce female candidate faced off against the leading GOP candidate in the polls, Donald Trump, right off the bat.

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GOP CNN Debate: What Would Reagan Do?

[View the story “Ronald Reagan: The Convenient Founding Father” on Storify]

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GOP CNN Debate: Carly Fiorina FTW

Carly Fiorina held her own among the 10 large personalities with which she was confronted.

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GOP CNN Debate: An entertaining event

A quick rundown on some fun moments in the CNN-hosted debate

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GOP CNN Debate: Republicans battle for 3 hours

Jake Tapper opened the debate with a heated question...


CNN GOP Debate: Jeb Bush fights back

Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, did not take any mess from Donald Trump this time around.

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GOP CNN Debate: Trump goes on attack again

Trump and Fiorina, who previously exchanged some harsh public words, were up first with some tough questions about whether she would trust him with nuclear codes (the answer was no).

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CNN GOP Debate: Inconsequential overall

[View the story “Second GOP debate, inconsequential overall.” on Storify]

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GOP Primary: Slow day at the polls in Staten Island

Less than half of the registered voters made it to the polls in Staten Island.