warm weather


A beautiful day in Central Park

In Central Park, people ate ice creams, picnicked, played, exercised, put on shorts, and often wore warm smiles.


Sunshine at the Jersey Shore

After a brutal year of Covid-19 taking over everyone’s life and a harsh winter forcing people to stay indoors, the […]


Tompkins Square Park Springs Into Action

The park was alive.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Warm weather brings crowds to Prospect Park

Prospect Park, the second largest park in Brooklyn which surrounds  five neighborhoods, has become a popular gathering spot for many.


A spring day in winter

New Yorkers enjoy an unseasonably warm day in the city.


Crown Heights businesses settles into the warmest winter in 40 years

According to the World Meteorological Organization  global warming has caused an increase of 33 degrees in the world’s temperature in the last five years.