UberRUSH Couriers Organize Against Lower Wages

As the wheels of the UberRUSH bike couriers continuously race through the busy New York City streets, avoiding potholes and puddles when possible, there are always at least two things on their minds. The first is delivering their package on time, which is a guarantee for most of these professionals. The second is whether or not they will be appropriately compensated for their work. Many bike couriers feel that this, on the other hand, is not a guarantee.

These feelings stem from continual decreases in wage earnings for RUSH couriers over the past year. While those in charge at Uber feel that lowering wages will result in an increase in demand and therefore total earnings, the bike couriers feel differently.

On December 1st, an UberRUSH strike took place at 633 West 27th Street. There were 18 couriers in attendance during a meeting with their Uber representative, Andrew Austin. The couriers came with a two page print out containing their list of complaints and demands. In short, the couriers argued that the wages should be increased back to the initial amount. After the meeting, there were feelings of optimism among the bike couriers, with the hopes and expectations that change will occur within Uber.