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Haiti Earthquake: A Haitian church mobilizes

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Frustrated by relief efforts in disaster-torn Haiti, some community-based organizations in New York City are sending independent convoys to scout for family members, send resources, and assess the medical needs of nurses and doctors who await deployment.

Gethsemane — a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Flatbush, which has one of the largest Haitian-American congregations in NYC — has had to transform itself, almost overnight, into a makeshift emergency command center. Run by 42 volunteers and church staff, the headquarters serves as a crisis management center, fielding concerns of neighborhood residents, and a communications tower for its delegation, which arrived in Haiti, via the Dominican Republic, on Jan. 19.


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  2. I wish more people were like Mr. George Clooney. What he has done to help the Haitian people is just amazing. So many of the Hollywood celebrities are just phonies looking for publicity. George is one of the true greats.

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