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A Jersey City cop on the gangs of JC

In this mixed media slideshow, Detective Ben Wilson opens up the streets of Jersey City like never before through the eyes of a police officer.


Transgender activists win battle

The Jersey Journal, a Jersey City-based tabloid, yanked an article about a transgender woman from West New York, from its Website earlier this week after a two-month-long battle with advocates.


Transgender activists, Jersey tabloid at odds

Transgender activists are outraged over a recent report in the Jersey Journal, a Jersey City-based tabloid, about the prostitution arrest of Coy Gordon of West New York.


Mexican-Americans urged to respond to Census

The last time the census came to town, research estimates only half of the city’s Mexican-American residents — the third largest Latino group — were counted.

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Haiti Earthquake: A Haitian church mobilizes

Some community-based organizations in New York City are sending independent convoys to scout for family members.


Homeless enclave hides along Jersey cliff

Carmen Maysonet won her slice of the skyline the hard way. She became homeless for the first time a year ago, and she now resides among a hidden community of cliff dwellers on land bordering Jersey City, Union City and Hoboken.


Homeless struggle in New Jersey

Jaclyn Cherubini is not being evasive when she tells reporters that she doesn’t know who the “new homeless” are. She hates the term. For one, it’s presumptuous.


Nigerian cadet excels at West Point

There’s one question no cadet escapes, according to Michael Njokuobi, a senior at West Point Military Academy: “Unless you come from a military family, everyone here gets asked why they joined the military.”


NYC Marathon: A youth sport, too

In Spanish Harlem, the largest cheering section at Sunday’s New York City Marathon wasn’t for any major international player: It was for a local youth running club, including an 18-year-old resident Emigdin Flores.


Candidate’s supporters debate race

For every black supporter of Liu who feels there’s no escaping race in this year’s election, there was someone like Shirley Crosson, from Bedford Stuyvesant, who clings to this ideal of an elusive post-racial America, clutching the gold Jewish pendant around her neck. “I don’t see color,” Crosson said. “I’m black, and I wear a Mezuzah, hey!”