Rebuilding Detroit: Latino businesses feel the sting of increased border patrol

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Jordan Velazquez, 20, stands behind the front counter at La Carreta Market in Detroit's Mexicantown. Velazquez said more aggressive border patrol enforcement has led to a decrease in business at the store. Photo by Kathryn Kattalia

Stories of border patrol officers picking up illegal immigrants from stores and restaurants have become increasingly common—and businesses are starting to feel the impact.

The Border Project: The Thin Line

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The Border Project: The Thin Line

Longtime residents from Nogales, Mexico, react to recent changes along the Arizona-Mexico border.

The Border Project: “Minuteman movement” at crossroads

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Glenn Spencer, 73, points to a section of fence separating Arizona and Mexico. Spencer runs American Border Patrol, a group that patrols the Arizona-Mexico border using small planes and thermal-imaging cameras. Photo by Jonathan Walczak

The civilian border patrol movement is at a crossroads.

The Border Project: Border wall harms environment, some say

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Bill Odle, 70, lives 385 from the border wall that separates Arizona and Mexico. Photo By Rachel Morgan

The border fence has disrupted animal migration patterns and caused flooding.

The Border Project: Deported man plans to cross again

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In Nogales, Mexico, the border wall is decorated with art and spray painted messages. This says 'Walls are scars on the earth.' Photo by Rachel Morgan

Jose Estrada was deported five days ago and will try to cross the border again.