After a double digit loss in the NYC mayor’s race, Sliwa concedes to Adams

NYC Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa delivers his concession speech at the campaign’s election party at Empire Steakhouse in Manhattan, NY on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Photo By Julia Bonavita

After a contentious race for NYC mayor, Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa conceded to rival Eric Adams just 40 minutes after polls closed.  Sliwa garnered roughly 28 percent of the vote and despite  the pair trading vicious verbal blows during debates on the campaign trail, he was gracious in defeat.

 “I am pledging my support to the new mayor, Eric Adams because we’re all going to have to coalesce together in harmony and solidarity if we’re going to save this city that we love,” said Sliwa in an emotionally charged speech. 

Sliwa was viewed as a longshot candidate since the beginning of the race, raising a mere $1,177,599 in campaign donations and taking out $5,551,432 in loans, according to the most recent report from the New York City Campaign Finance Board. His monetary assets paled in comparison to Adams’ $19,487,280. 

Sliwa’s campaign party began on a promising note, with 80’s disco blaring from the speakers and an impressive buffet for attendees at Midtown Manhattan’s Empire Steakhouse. But as polls closed at 9 p.m. on , Sliwa trailed Adams by nearly 90,000 votes within minutes

The red beret-wearing leader of the Guardian Angels campaigned on a platform against city-wide vaccine mandates while promising the implementation of no-kill animal shelters and additional security throughout New York City’s streets. 

Sliwa relied heavily on debate theatrics and headline-grabbing antics to remain relevant throughout his campaign, often making boisterous claims regarding his opponent. 

“But tonight is a night where we offer our friendship and our solidarity with our new mayor ,” Sliwa said. “He’s going to need it.”