Maria Sanchez

Special Report: Philly Stories

Supporting the unhoused in West Philadelphia

As rental assistance from the state is running dry of covid funds, there has been a stunning increase in illegal evictions.


The city’s plan to fight racial inequalities in child birth is more doulas

The mayor says this expansion will provide free access for doulas for birthing families and focus on 33 neighborhoods with greatest social needs.


The St. Patrick Day Parade Returns to 5th Avenue

The pandemic put a halt to this loud and joyful celebration of the Irish.


Delivering Fresh Food to the South Bronx

There are now a total of 11 Community Fridges in the Bronx, where anyone can take or give food. Even though this initiative is amazing, it is still not enough.


Daycare workers face increasing challenges as Covid cases rise

Fast spreading Omicron makes any gathering of unvaccinated kids a potential superspreader event.


The unreachable beauty standards of social media hurts young people

"They compare their full life to someone else's highlight reel."

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

The thump of a bongo greets runners in Greenpoint

 Music is a huge part of the Green Point marathon spectator community. In every block is  a drummer motivating runners at the edge of a sidewalk.