Polina Meshkova


Enough is Enough: Thousands Gather at March For Our Lives in New York

Thousands of people marched on Upper West Side this past Saturday in a March for Our Lives. People of all ages gathered with hand-drawn signs to stand up against gun violence. Gun protesters and gun owners who attended the march agree that the second amendment is outdated and too many innocent lives have been lost to firearms.


Pro-life and pro-choice protests escalates in New York City

Every first Saturday of a month, a group of pro-life protesters and church members of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral head to Planned Parenthood on Mulberry St. to protest abortions. Now pro-choice activists are holding their own counter protests.


New Yorkers say Woody Allen’s time may be up

Some New Yorkers have had enough of the legendary filmmaker and actor. Allegations of sexual abuse has plagued the latter part of his career.


Stroke, brain and spine injury survivors perform on World Stroke Day

Patients at Mount Sinai Hospital celebrated life and overcoming injuries on World Stroke Day,


At Ground Zero, Truther preaches to anyone willing to listen

The entire event was orchestrated in order to use fear as a mechanism to pressure people into allowing the government to take more control over their lives, he said.