Simon McCormack


Man comes to terms with AIDS after 27 years

Michael Stone was living with AIDS — and he was trying to kill himself through drug and alcohol abuse. But eventually he realized he had to stop.


Doctors face dilemmas treating immigrant patients

Serving patients from all over the world presents two major obstacles — to overcome language barriers and to gain the trust of unauthorized immigrants worried about deportation.


City’s public hospitals might see $370-million in cuts

Under Paterson’s proposed budget, the HHC would see its funding slashed by $370 million. The cut would come at a time when more uninsured New Yorkers than ever are using the city’s public hospitals.


Council: City’s jobless need better resources

Council members expressed concerns that city agencies geared toward growing the economy and stamping out unemployment were not in lockstep with each other.


East Village health center a model for success

Amidst the fierce debate over what works when it comes to health care, for many patients, Ryan-NENA serves as a model for success.

Special Reports

Haiti Earthquake: Dominicans give, but hard feelings remain

Some Dominicans can't forget the past, despite the devastation.