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Delivering Fresh Food to the South Bronx

There are now a total of 11 Community Fridges in the Bronx, where anyone can take or give food. Even though this initiative is amazing, it is still not enough.


Ghosting Landlords discriminate against renters who use housing vouchers

Even though its been illegal in NYC since 2008, and illegal statewide since 2019, discrimination against voucher holders is the most common type of housing discrimination in the city


It’s a grim start to the second half of the Knicks season

Going into this game, the Knicks were three games back with a record of 25 wins and 34 losses. Although some fans still believe in this team's talent , most fans have lost hope.


Daycare workers face increasing challenges as Covid cases rise

Fast spreading Omicron makes any gathering of unvaccinated kids a potential superspreader event.


NYC commuters discuss plan to remove homeless from subway

"People need help out here man. It could be you tomorrow."


Garbage piles up as sanitation workers slow down

The vaccine mandate is frustrating some workers.


The unreachable beauty standards of social media hurts young people

"They compare their full life to someone else's highlight reel."


The Art of an Electronic Scam

About 18 million people fell prey to digital payment systems scams. I was one of them.


Despite Chauvin’s guilty verdict, activists will not stop fighting for justice

With the most recent police killings of people of color another wave of protest against police violence is beginning across the country.


Georgia’s Black voters and activists push for boycott of state

State lawmakers have overhauled voting in Georgia making it much harder to vote. Boycotts and condemnation are growing.