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Brooklyn eatery serves gourmet fast food the “Trini way”

Island Burger is one of dozens of Caribbean restaurants lining Utica Avenue, attracting guests from near and far wanting a taste of the islands.


Trash diving for food is a Freegans life

"It’s a philosophy, world view, life style that reuses, repurposes all kinds of goods,” said freegan, Giovanni Andollo.


Yoga for veterans

Veterans say that it can have a variety of beneficial effects, including relief from mental symptoms brought on by PTSD.

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Giants Parade: Young, Old, Quirky and loud celebrate the victory

A diverse crowd gathered downtown to get a glimpse of the team.


Giants Parade: Thousands of fans celebrate

Thousands of people swarmed downtown Manhattan to celebrate the Giants Super Bowl victory

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Super Bowl XLVI: Polar Plunge

Thousands jump in freezing cold water for charity.

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Super Bowl XLVI: City eateries benefiting from big game

Huge Super Bowl demand helps city restaurants

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Super Bowl XLVI: Clueless about the Super Bowl

Not all New Yorkers care about the big game


Binational same sex couples struggle with deporation

Civil Unions and gay marriages does not stop these couples from being torn apart.


Sights from Occupy Wall Street Day of Action

Short videos capture scenes from a "A National Day of Action"