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Occupy Wall Street Braces for Winter

Winter is coming and it is getting cold in Zuccotti Park.


Occupy Wall Street welcomes travelers

Occupy Wall Street started five weeks ago as a demonstration in Zuccotti Park filled mainly with New Yorkers. But as the movement has grown, the park has welcomed guests from all over.


Some women at Occupy Wall Street struggle with security and being heard

As the movement grows women protestors have their own issues with surviving and thriving at Zuccotti Park

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Rebuilding Detroit: Made in Detroit

Pavement Pieces correspondent, Elyse Mickalonis, short documentary on the hopes, dreams and issues facing auto workers.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Arab Americans in Dearborn

Just a few miles outside of Detroit is the largest Arab American community in America. The balance of being Arab, Muslim and American is not easy.

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Rebuilding Detroit: Number of homicides are growing

Homicide rate is up 19.7%. since 2010.


Immigrants help economic growth but still face discrimination

Immigrants bring more business to New York but some say they take jobs.

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New Yorkers reflect on the death of bin Laden

Emotions and memories surface in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death

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Vendors who served in war reflect on the death of bin Laden

Veterans who work as Times Square vendors speak out on the death of the most wanted man in the world.


American auctions on the decline

Auctions have felt the effect of eBay and the advent of other online antiquing sites.