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New York City Mayoral candidates share their plans on improving city public schools

Seven community members were allowed to direct questions to candidates with a focus on equity and accessibility, educational quality and safety in the classroom.  

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New York celebrates historic win

Thousands took to the streets all over the five boroughs and across the US to celebrate the news, which came as a huge sigh of relief to millions after a tense week of unrest onset by delayed election results.

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Although the Trump campaign continues to grasp at straws for anything that might challenge the legitimacy of the election outcomes, Biden supporters are reflecting on the historic impact of this day. 

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Biden win brings relief

 “I think that throughout Trump’s presidency we have lost sight of humanity,” she said.

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The energy of Election Day in New York City

Times Square remained peaceful even with Biden and Trump supporters sharing space. Photographers walked the streets for hours documenting the historic day. 

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Boarded up, buttons for sale and a Republican viewing party on Election Day in NYC

November 3, 2020 was like no other election day before. The streets in New York were oddly quiet and there […]

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Pennsylvania race narrows

In response to Trump's recent tweet and urgency on Wednesday to “Stop the Vote” demonstrators gathered in Philadelphia and marched into the night chanting “Count Every Vote”.

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Arab Americans of Dearborn vote Biden

 To many of them, the last four years of the Trump presidency, was characterized by marginalization of minorities, suppression of freedom of speech, and supremacist ideologies taking control of the state

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Amid national tension and uncertainty, Joe Biden scores big in Michigan.

“After a long night of counting, it is clear that we are winning enough states to reach 270 votes to reach the presidency,” said Biden.

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Voting in Clifton, New Jersey

Like most of the residents of this reliable blue state, Dayi casted her vote for Joe Biden.