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Opinion: It’s Time to Rethink the Push for People to “Use Their Platforms” and Address Political Issues on Social Media

In the hours following the announcement of a terrorist attack on Israel by the Hamas terrorist group, I pondered the […]


New York University Students Upset at University’s Response to Israeli-Hamas Conflict

Amidst the Israeli-Hamas conflict in the Middle East that has prompted global responses, New York University students have vocalized their […]


Israeli and Palestinian counter protests fill Washington Square Park

An escalation in military-grade violence across Israel and Palestine remains the leading topic of discussion across timelines, headlines and New […]


Biden Addresses the United Nations

From the United Nations (UN) in New York, President Joe Biden addressed the leaders of nearly 200 nations. As the […]


Two Miles Could Not Be Further Apart: A Separation In The Approach To Climate Damage

Nothing disrupts the everyday activities that take place along East 45th Street, including a speech delivered by the 46th President […]


New Yorkers Question Biden’s Allocation of Additional Funds to Ukraine Amid Ongoing Migrant Crisis

Many New Yorkers question President Joe Biden’s choice to maintain support for Ukraine during the ongoing humanitarian crisis, suggesting that […]


“It’s not the problems of Ukrainians, it’s problems of the whole world:” Ukrainians Stand in Support of Zelenskyy Outside U.N. Headquarters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the Russian attacks on his nation as “clearly a genocide” on Tuesday in an address […]

Special Report: Wisconsin Election 2022

Hmong American voting in the 2022 election

Approximately 50,000 Hmong people, members of an ethnic group from Southeast Asia, immigrated to the United States four decades ago. […]


Iranian Americans in NYC Creating Community Outside of Protests


“I don’t have a choice:” A plan to push cars out of Midtown Manhattan has transportation officials inspired and residents angered

Tee Adj, a pediatric nurse practitioner, worries for her lower-income patients who may have serious health conditions and are sent […]