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Special Report: America Votes

Taking the temperature of voters

In spite of the weather, early voters were determined to get their ballots in.

Special Report: America Votes

Students wait and watch

Some students fear riots and are driven with anxiety, while others distract themselves until results are determined.

Special Report: America Votes

Students strategize on mail-in or in-person voting 

The big decision for many college students is not who they will vote for but how they will cast their ballot

Special Report: America Votes

Following American politics from the other side of the pond

Observing a national election while studying abroad can be a strange experience of both disassociation from the U.S. and an awkward experience of explaining American politics to others.

Special Report: America Votes

Union Square polling site sees lower turnout, but passionate voters

“This is probably the most important election in the history of America.”

Special Report: America Votes

Early voter visits Texas polling site Election Day to support sister on the ballot

Early voter John Primrose also turned out at the Collin County polling station at 7 a.m. sharp, sporting a ‘VOTE REPUBLICAN’ poster.

Special Report: America Votes

Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

It isn’t about choosing the right president for the country, but rather picking the lesser of two evils for him.


International students may choose other countries to study, if Trump is reelected

Special Report: America Votes

NYU student flies over a thousand miles to vote

She feels personally affected by the rhetoric Trump encourages as a Jewish woman.

Special Report: America Votes

Two coasts, two Biden votes

Though they represent completely opposite coasts, two students, Ahmed Yousif and Claire Cruz, are casting their first-ever votes this election […]