Conservative women’s support for Judge Kavanaugh remains strong

Pam and Doug Johnston of Las Vegas, Nevada outside the White House. Pam Johnston believes Judge Brett Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty and deserves a chance to defend himself from sexual assault allegations brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Photo by Maggie Garred

Some conservative women continue to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh despite recent sexual assault allegations.

Pam Moran, 58, a Republican from central Ohio who was visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., said she was fed up with accusations like those of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that took place decades ago.

“My issue is I’m sick and tired of all these women coming up 30 or 40 years later and claiming sexual abuse,” said Moran. “If it’s recent, I have no problem with it, but if it’s 30 or 40 years ago, do something back then. And if it’s that bad, do something back then, don’t deal with it now.”

According to a recent NBC poll, 70 percent of Republican women support the judge despite the sexual assault allegations.

Pam Johnston of Las Vegas, Nevada, was visiting the White House with her husband, and said Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford deserve a chance to be heard..

“All women need to be heard,” Johnston said. “Everybody needs to be heard, but he can’t fight against something he hasn’t heard other than through the airwaves like we have. I think it’s wrong to automatically say he’s guilty and not appoint him because of this.”

Johnston also disapproved of Dr. Ford’s timing and how the judiciary committee processed the accusations.

“You’re innocent until proven guilty,” Johnston said. “She should have come forward already, so he could clear his name. I think it’s terrible the way they’re handling it.”

Other conservative women pointed to a liberal agenda and the Democratic party. Mandy Marlowe of Fredericksburg, Virginia, works for The Religious Freedom Coalition and challenged the presumed liberal political strategy.

“Personally, I think it’s absurd,” said Marlowe. “I think that liberals are doing whatever they can to delay the process so they can get whoever they want into that position.”

Addison Puffer, 19, from Pueblo, Colorado, is a sophomore in college studying international business. She also works for the Colorado Republican Committee as a field director for the 2018 midterm elections. Puffer has been a long-standing supporter of Judge Kavanaugh and believes he is the best nomination for the United States Supreme Court.

“I have always been very impressed with Judge Kavanaugh,” Puffer said in an email. “I have been supportive of President Trump’s decision to appoint him to the Supreme Court. I believe he will do a great job of protecting the U.S. Constitution and advocating for our rights as American citizens.”

Although Puffer is concerned about allegations of sexual assault, her support of Kavanaugh has not wavered.

“I am always concerned when I hear that an individual was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct,” said Puffer. “However, I do not reconsider his nomination.”

Puffer said she would continue to support Kavanaugh until further evidence is brought forward to prove Judge Kavanaugh is guilty.

“I do not believe the number of victims coming forward makes a difference unless there is substantial evidence to prove he was involved,” Puffer said. “Therefore, my opinion to confirm Judge Kavanaugh will remain the same until investigators can without a doubt prove that he is guilty.”

Shaun Marie Levine, Executive Director of the Conservative Party of New York State, supports Kavanaugh and questions the timing of Dr. Ford’s allegations.

“Judge Kavanaugh represents everything I stand for,” Levine said in a phone interview. “From where the accusations stand right now, I would have to question the timing. Why wait to come forward when it happened so long ago? Why wait until just a few days before the vote?”

But Levine recognized that more evidence would hinder her support and that Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation is tainted.

“If more women came forward, I would have to change my opinion,” said Levine. “No matter what happens at this point, half the world will always believe the allegations are true.”