Supreme Court


Michigan militia planned to kidnap governor

It is unclear whether or not the individual’s motive was in direct retaliation to Whitmer's executive orders concerning the pandemic but the story is still developing.


Republican Senate majority poised to replace RBG with Trump’s pick

Now some Democratic voters fear what will come next. 


Supreme Court saves DACA

President Donald Trump tweeted his disfavor and urged the public to  reelect him.


The Supreme Court holds DACA hearing

The Supreme Court held a hearing on DACA yesterday to decide the fate of 700,000 people who bought to this […]


Rage Brought Women Together at Washington Square Park

Hoffenberg said that a year ago, she never would have guessed that she’d be on the ground organizing against a Supreme Court nominee like Kavanaugh


Hours after Kavanaugh confirmation, hundreds protest in NYC


Protesters stand in solidarity against Kavanaugh confirmation

“I am energized.”


Protesters mourn Kavanagh confirmation in Washington Square Park

Voting is the only answer, they said.


Some men not swayed by allegations of sexual assault

Their minds are already made up.


Trauma and anger fuel some women to fight against Kavanagh’s nomination

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) reports that every year, nearly 400,000 children and adults are victims of sexual assault. As rampant as the issue is, only a handful – about six in 1,000 – perpetrators are sentenced to prison.