Daredevil Tattoo Shop and Museum in Chinatown, Manhattan

The exterior of Daredevil Tattoo in Chinatown, Manhattan, NY on March 19, 2022. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

Daredevil Tattoo is a small tattoo parlor hidden on the corner of Division Street in between historic Lower East Side and Chinatown. Besides being able to get a new tattoo in this little shop, Daredevil is also known for being one of the only tattoo shops in New York City to also contain a museum detailing the long history of tattoos and artists in New York.

The walls of Daredevil are covered with portraits of some of the first tattoo artists in New York and their original designs. Cases in the front of the shop are filled with antique tattoo guns and memorabilia, including a copy of what is believed to be the first tattoo gun, created by Thomas Edison. 

Daredevil offers tours of its memorabilia and antiques with its shop co-owner, Michelle Myles, any day of the week. As well as tours, tattoos can be scheduled any day as well, with one of seven different artists (including the two co-owners of the shop).

One of the tattoo artists at the shop, Noah Fiel, has been at the shop for more than three years and has been accompanied by his best friend, his dog Jumpshot, nearly every day since he’s been there. Daredevil is a dog-friendly shop, with other artists and clients also bringing in their dogs from time to time.

Close-up of Noah’s workspace in the shop. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

Noah Fiel and his dog, Jumpshot, in the back of Daredevil Tattoo. Noah designs a tattoo for his friend’s sleeve. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

A guest tattoo artist sits behind the front desk at the entrance of the shop. He’s designing a piece for a client later in the day. The walls are lined with original flash tattoo designs from some of the first working tattoo artists in New York City. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

(from left to right) Will Tran, Noah Fiel, Alec Nguyen and Christian Alvar show their back pieces. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

Noah wipes away some blood from Alec’s back as he takes pictures for his portfolio. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

(from left to right) Alec, Noah, Christian, Will, and Gilbert sit down for lunch in the middle of the shop. Immediately after Alec’s back piece is finished, he gets off the table, they change the paper, and sit down for a lunch break. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes

Will shows another tattoo artist at the shop a new piece he had done on his back. Photo by Michelle Ng-Reyes