Michelle Ng-Reyes

Special Report: Philly Stories

Northeast Philly recycling dump is site of artist residency

Hundreds of artists have gone through the program and have have given the trash at the dump site a new life by using it in their work.


Daredevil Tattoo Shop and Museum in Chinatown, Manhattan

Besides being able to get a new tattoo in this little shop, Daredevil is also known for being one of the only tattoo shops in New York City to also contain a museum detailing the long history of tattoos and artists in New York.


LGBTQ community find a home in Big Apple Rec League

"I can no longer walk out of my door in New York City and be alone."


NCAA Women’s Tournament Takes Steps Toward Equality

This is the first year the women’s N.C.A.A. tournament will receive similar support as the men’s N.C.A.A. tournament


International Women’s Day rally for abortion rights

Over 100 people organized in the downtown Manhattan park to march from Union Square to Washington Square Park in support of safe and legal abortion, preserving women’s rights, and in support of preserving Roe v. Wade. 


Students Excited to Return to In-Person Classes After a Virtual Start

While some students thought that these two virtual weeks were helpful, others felt that ultimately, it did not help them or others enough and thought it discouraged them from learning at the best possible level.


Small business encourage waste reduction in New York

During the pandemic, cities across the United States noticed an increase of trash being thrown away, and New York was no exception.

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

The Last Runner of the 2021 NYC Marathon

As he approached the finish line with 15 other people cheering him on behind him, he paused right before the line, savoring his last step, before jumping over it.

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

The runners

The New York City Marathon has returned for its 50th anniversary after missing a year due to the pandemic. Just […]


Curtis Sliwa loses mayoral race after a rough day

Election workers blocked his cat from the polls, his ballot got stuck and even his fashion choice at the polls was questioned. The day ended with a double digit loss.