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Rebuilding Detroit: Arab Americans in Dearborn

Arab Americans in Dearborn from Pavement Pieces on Vimeo.



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Naima says:

The longer it takes for us to recognize that America is truly a melting pot that requires respect and recognition of all cultures we will not be able to grow. We have issues respecting the needs of all people and that issue is at the root of poverty, hate, and political unrest here in America.

Wild African says:

Wow very insightful. The ignorance displayed for the non-indigenous cultures and religions of America, is expressed through this interview. Now their reverting back to instituting laws to control or profile a group of people?? Sounds like Islamic Jim CROW if you ask me………

2Smooth says:

This is and eyeopener for America. I think lots of people make ignorant comments and pass unfair judgment on others. This video helps us step into the shoes of our fellow Americans everyone could learn something from this video.

Laura G Rivera says:

This report was really informative and collected a wide range of voices on the issue. I loved hearing from Zaynab and just hearing her express herself on how she views herself and her faith and culture, as well as hearing more about the policies that impact Muslim Americans and the political backdrop to some of this problematic legislation. Way to go, Dominique!

Rashiyd Williams says:

America is NOT a melting pot…at best it is a salad. And what’s wrong with salad..I happen to like salads..especially ones with a lot of different ingredients. One the other hand put that delicious salad in a blender and see what you get…yuck.

kalilah says:

wonderful informative piece

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