Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Air pollution in China rebounds to pre-COVID level

Other countries are expected to follow suit


Plastic bag ban approved in New York State budget

The ban will go into effect in March of 2020.


The Green New Deal explained in 1:17

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With fracking decision looming, New Yorkers worry about water

The indecision on fracking is up for review.

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GOP Primary: Living with Fracking

Residents find themselves outcasts in the middle of a hot environmental debate that could boil over in the upcoming presidential election.


Broadway finds new ways to go green

The Broadway Green Alliance encourages environmentally friendly practices at city theaters.

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The Border Project: Border wall harms environment, some say

The border fence has disrupted animal migration patterns and caused flooding.


Activists: ‘Save your plastic bottles’

Every year, New Yorkers throw away 25,059 tons of recyclable plastic bottles in their household garbage, environmental activists say.