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Eco-friendly products may not be so different

Eco-friendly products may not be so different

All-purpose cleaners at six dollars and $12 a pop for laundry detergent means consumers are paying more for products that experts say may not be that different from their Clorox counterparts.


It’s better than organic — it’s biochar

A new breed of charcoal could be the answer to healthier food and more environmentally conscious agriculture.

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National Pig Day

[flv: 320 240] Central Park Zoo’s pot-bellied pigs, Otis and Oliver, were not the only ones hamming it up on the 37th annual National Pig Day.  Two young New Yorkers wallowed in the spotlight in this year’s snort-off competition.  In an unprecedented decision, Noam Schuldenrein,13, and Alice Elliott,3, shared first place in the first ever tie in the 7 year […]

Living with HIV/AIDS: Stigma
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Living with HIV/AIDS: Stigma

Atlanta is called the capital city of the “New South” for its economic prosperity and cultural diversity.  But in this sprawling Southern metropolis a silent crisis looms in the shadows threatening the lives of thousands of Latinos.  Marginalized by mainstream society and silenced by stigma, many Latinos confront HIV without the aid of social services or each other. Fear, stigma, […]