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Hundreds protest hearings on Muslim extremism

Nearly 1,000 protesters gathered in Times Square to rally against the upcoming congressional hearings on “radicalization” of Muslims in America.

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Jewish book sale bridges generational gap

More than 13,000 will visit Yeshiva University’s Seforim book sale this month, where patrons can select from a wide range of Jewish works.

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Cuban music alive in Midtown

Yuka Seka play traditional Cuban music at the Habana Room in midtown.

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NYC Cold: East Village Snow

Scenes from the aftermath of yesterday’s blizzard in the East Village. About 19 inches of snow fell in the city.

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The Border Project: The Thin Line

Longtime residents from Nogales, Mexico, react to recent changes along the Arizona-Mexico border.

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The Border Project: Wrangling the border

After local rancher Robert Krentz was killed on his property in Arizona, efforts to increase border security have improved, many ranchers say.

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The Border Project: Guarding the line

Former Special Agent Lee Morgan talks about ranchers by the Arizona-Mexico border.

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Popular street entertainer copes in color

It’s easy to dismiss Gomez as nothing more than a sideshow performer. But there is a method to his madness: Gomez has AIDS, and his colorful persona helps him cope.

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A Jersey City cop on the gangs of JC

In this mixed media slideshow, Detective Ben Wilson opens up the streets of Jersey City like never before through the eyes of a police officer.


Artistic statues mistaken for suicidal jumpers

“Event Horizons” art exhibit, by British artist Antony Gormley, places life-size statues atop buildings and on ledges — causing some New Yorkers to have 9/11 flashbacks.