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Ride Hailing Apps Put a Dent in Public Transportation

The MTC acknowledge that these ride-share services fill a crucial gap in the transportation needs of citizens that they cannot fill.

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Beauty on-demand services grow in NYC

Although beauty and technology may sound like an unlikely pairing, the industry is becoming more popular.

Waiting in line for iPhone 5 becomes PR stunt

Waiting in line for iPhone 5 becomes PR stunt

For the brave, passionate, and possibly foolhardy, waiting in line for the new Apple iPhone 5, which goes on sale today at 8 A.M. is a testament to their dedication. But for most, it has become a PR opportunity. As various media outlets descended upon the Apple store on Fifth Avenue, secondary companies that sell apps or cases for the […]


New iPhone app may mean more time for MTA commuters

Columbia University student launches SubwayArrival, a free app that tracks MTA trains live.