Amanda Plasencia

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Rebuilding Detroit: Number of homicides are growing

Homicide rate is up 19.7%. since 2010.


Immigrants help economic growth but still face discrimination

Immigrants bring more business to New York but some say they take jobs.

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New Yorkers reflect on the death of bin Laden

Emotions and memories surface in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death


Pawnshops see a boost in business

The economic recession, high unemployment and rising gold prices have meant booming business for pawn shops.

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Philadelphia Life: The Golden Block fights to revitalize in the face of urban ills

Amanda Plasencia report's from Philadelphia's "El Bloque de Oro" a Latino community that faces stiff economic pressures and battles the ills of drug addiction and high levels of crime.


Mexican immigrants flock to Sunset Park

Mexican residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, decry crime and say laws like Arizona's SB1070 worry them.


NYC Marathon: Families cheer on the East Side

Murphy’s daughter ran her first marathon in Oregon, but she said there is nothing like the unique and colorful crowds of support in New York City.

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The Border Project: Businesses on both sides struggle

Amanda Palesencia reports from Nogales Arizona and Mexico.


Sick leave bill sparks rally

According to The Bureau of Labor, 37 percent of the lowest-income workers in the New York City area can’t take a single day off and get paid.