Dara Carr

Special Report: Philly Stories

Spike in Black opiate overdoses in Philadelphia show racial disparities

Fatal opiate addiction overdoses in Philly’s black community rose more than 50 percent.


Despite mayor’s push, some unhoused don’t want to live in shelters

Pavement Pieces · Despite mayor's push, some unhoused don’t want to live in shelters


An abundance of methadone clinics live in Harlem

Most Harlem methadone clinics are located near residential areas.


Public housing residents in East Harlem live in food desert

From 125th to 129th street on Lexington Ave, residents are met with fast food chains like Popeyes, Dunkin Donuts, IHOP, various bodegas, and a couple of pizza places.  There are about 750,000 New York City residents living in food deserts.


NYC commuters discuss plan to remove homeless from subway

"People need help out here man. It could be you tomorrow."

Special Report: The NYC Marathon Returns

Wheelchair racers inspire in North Williamsburg

She said the New York City Marathon was the first large event that showed her people with similar disabilities could race on an elite and welcoming stage.