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Rebuilding Detroit: Cop suicides highest in country

Preventive measures sought to combat the attitudes that lead to depression and suicide.


Authentic Cuban restaurants are becoming extinct

Cuban restaurants have been closing because adult children are not going into these mostly family businesses.


Pedro Pans remember, connect fifty years later

Children of Operation Pedro Pan share experiences through social networking.


Travel restrictions might prevent some artists from attending Si Cuba festival

Cuban-Americans struggle between celebrating culture and condemning politics.


Cuban music alive in Midtown

Yuka Seka play traditional Cuban music at the Habana Room in midtown.

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NYC Cold: Despite the cold, carriage rides continue in Central Park

Snow adds some magic to the horse and buggy rides in Central Park.


Philadelphia Life: Group fields complaints of police misconduct

In Philadelphia, members of the Police Advisory Commission examine complaints of police misconduct.


NYC Marathon: The perfect spot in East Harlem

From the stoop of Gaby’s apartment on 5th Avenue, the group of nine joined the neighborhood in cheering marathon runners.

FeaturesSpecial Reports

The Border Project: Deportation might separate man from wife, life in U.S.

Martin and his wife, Alex, left Mexico in 2000. Now Martin faces possible deportation in several months.


At religious festival, freak show opens

Nestled between a sausage stand and a cannoli cart, a freak show tent at a downtown festival draws small crowds.