Michelle Diaz

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

One year of COVID-19 in New York City

Each photo represents a month of the pandemic, which infected over 780,000  New Yorkers and killed 48,537.


Sunshine at the Jersey Shore

After a brutal year of Covid-19 taking over everyone’s life and a harsh winter forcing people to stay indoors, the […]

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Yankee Stadium becomes COVID-19 vaccine site for Bronx residents only

Yankee Stadium officially opened as a mass vaccination site on February 5 with 15,000 appointment openings in the first week.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Little Italy’s restaurants need indoor dining to survive pandemic

According to Eater NYC, around 1,000 restaurants in NYC have permanently closed due to rent payments piling up.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Commuting in a pandemic world

People who rely on public transportation for their daily commute are potentially exposing themselves everyday.


Life with Alopecia

At 4 years old, my hair started to fall out in big clumps and my parents didn’t know what was wrong, so they took me to see a doctor.

Special Report: America Votes

Boarded up, buttons for sale and a Republican viewing party on Election Day in NYC

November 3, 2020 was like no other election day before. The streets in New York were oddly quiet and there […]


Diverse Latino voters are making their presidential choice this election

The size and diversity of the Latino community makes it hard for any candidate to ignore them.

Special Report: Shutdown: The Coronavirus

Politically divided family can agree on one thing, rallies are bad during a pandemic

But they butt heads on just about everything else.


Some Latinos feel the pressure of four more years of Trump

Even with the lack of popularity Trump has in the Latino community, there are still those who are supporting him.