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The Border Project: Border wall harms environment, some say

The border fence has disrupted animal migration patterns and caused flooding.

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The Border Project: Deported man plans to cross again

Jose Estrada was deported five days ago and will try to cross the border again.


Subway musicians embrace unconventional performance

While subway musicians view themselves as playing outside the box, they have a hierarchy all their own.

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The Forgotten Navajo: A family’s pain

Leonard and his wife Helen have lost seven of their 11 children – all before they reached the age of 36.

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The Forgotten Navajo: Uranium contamination

Since 1982, Nez and his family have been breathing in uranium particles and drinking uranium-contaminated water. They didn’t know the land that surrounded their home in Church Rock, N.M., was slowly killing them.


Makeup artists raise awareness

Eye shadow, blush and powder are used to educate women about the disease.