Sanya Khurana

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Despite uptick in diversity numbers, Black students say inclusive spaces are rare

 Along with the fact that NYU’s claims about diversity are not reflected in the number of Black students in the classrooms, the environment for Black students is also a point of concern in terms of microaggressions and other inconveniences.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Choosing natural hair for children

 Natural hair also has implications of African heritage and can play a major role in building the child’s pride in their origin and to foster a sense of belonging.

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Some Black Parents are Choosing Afrocentric Preschools for their Children

I"’d love to see what this new generation of super confident Black kids from Afrocentric preschools is going to look like when they grow up.”

Special Report: Reporting Black America

Penfield’s Black Supermoms Make Sure School Kids know Black Kids Matter

It wasn’t only black children and their mothers, but people of all colours and nationalities who joined both the rallies, creating an inclusive and cohesive space.