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Florida Crossroads

Businesses in Miami Dade affected by Ocean Level Rise

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The high tides that flood the Miami Dade County for a few weeks every September, have gone on up. As the sea level rises beaches get more and more narrow to a point where seawater reaches streets and properties on the waterfront. When the amount of water that encloses the area exceeds the capacity of the drainage system, floods occur in low inland grounds as well.

During the current administration, Miami Dade County passed a $192 million plan to maintain and improve it’s infrastructure solutions to mitigate floods, such as seawalls, water pumps, raising roads, and elevating buildings, as well as reparations and the restoration of beaches. The county’s multi-year projection of resiliency is estimated at $20 billion. But when it comes to supporting private businesses, there is only so little that the local government can do.


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