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Remembering the occupation of Zuccotti Park

One look at the park now and there’s no sniff of a revolution.


Occupy Wall Street Protestors march to take back their park

Occupy Wall Street protestors marched from Tribeca's to reclaim Zuccotti Park.


The wicked witch of Wall Street

For New York City's annual Halloween Parade along 6th Avenue, Felicia Young dressed up as, "The Wicked Witch of Wall Street," to show her support for the Occupy Wall Street movement


A very spooky Halloween store in the Village

A costume super-store becomes a chilling underworld during America's most frightening holiday.


Halloween at Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street Protestors had fun in costume at Zuccotti Park.


Rebuilding Detroit: Winning sports teams inject joy and pride

“There’s a real buzz going on in the city.”


Authentic Cuban restaurants are becoming extinct

Cuban restaurants have been closing because adult children are not going into these mostly family businesses.


For Easter on Fifth Avenue, faith is optional

Hundreds made their way along Fifth Avenue Easter Sunday in the Bonnet Festival at St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Transgender rights still uncertain after DADT repeal

Even after DADT repeal, transgender status is still grounds for disqualification.


Hundreds protest hearings on Muslim extremism

Nearly 1,000 protesters gathered in Times Square to rally against the upcoming congressional hearings on “radicalization” of Muslims in America.