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Special Report: Philly Stories

Supporting the unhoused in West Philadelphia

As rental assistance from the state is running dry of covid funds, there has been a stunning increase in illegal evictions.


Earth Day Festival in Union Square Park

Some of the solutions offered by exhibitors at the event are easy enough for anybody to start today.


Drinks to go could be a lifeline for city restaurants


Little relief at the pumps

A week after Biden’s historic oil reserve release to reduce gas prices, motorist are still struggling to fill a tank.


Brain Drain Impacts Mental Health in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With March 2021 marking the 30th anniversary of the Bosnian war and the country facing its greatest governmental crisis since the Balkan wars, millennials and Gen Z’ers are leaving the country in droves due to political and economic issues - a phenomenon called “brain drain.” 


NYC transit mask mandate extended

Straphangers can go maskless on April 18th.


City’s mask mandate comes to an end


NYU takes weeks to respond to Asian students attacked on campus

AJ Sun is one of at least four Asian NYU students assaulted on campus within the past month. Campus Safety originally dismissed Sun's assault, stating that it didn't fit the requirements of a racial hate crime, causing students to lose trust in campus safety.


Protestors fill Times Square and rally to end Russia’s war on the Ukraine

Many of the protestors had family in Ukraine.


Inflation headaches continue to rock the city

Food price, one of the main drivers of inflation, has been rising exponentially since the pandemic started.