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Curtis Sliwa loses mayoral race after a rough day

Election workers blocked his cat from the polls, his ballot got stuck and even his fashion choice at the polls was questioned. The day ended with a double digit loss.


Inhumane conditions at Rikers Island lead to protests

Today protestors again rallied to close "Torture Island."


Curtis Sliwa trails in mayor’s race but fights on

Republican mayoral candidate and founder of the Guardian Angel, Curtis Sliwa, has spent the final week on the campaign trail hoping to pull ahead of his Democratic rival, Eric Adams.


NYC People: Vincenzo Virzi, baker and pasta maker

An Italian baker and pasta maker in the Village gives customers a "piece of his heart" through his creations.


NYC People: Colin Huggins, Washington Square Park Pianist

"It's the only thing I found that I can do regularly and enjoy doing..."


Teens demand safer bike lanes

Although bike ridership has tripled in the last 15 years, New York City infrastructure hasn’t been able to keep up. The Tube could be the answer.


Struggling taxi drivers go on hunger strike

Cabbies are facing overwhelming debt, due to the collapse and failure of the Medallion program


The battle over East Village Park continues

Activists vow to defend the park as demolition is set to begin.

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An American Reality: From the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing to the Capitol Riots

A collaboration between Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting and NYU Journalism’s Pavement Pieces.


Black men reflect on Chauvin verdict

Black men in Harlem discuss their alarming interactions with the NYPD and express that this victory, although crucial, is fleeting, when much more remains to be done. "