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NY People: The Duck Man

Takahito “TK” Nakamura went from losing his family as a child to traveling around the world in an attempt to make people smile. TK has transformed himself into the Duck Man to showcase his love of music and brighten as many peoples days as he can with only a set of drums and a duck costume. He can be seen throughout New York City, primarily in Times Square Station.


NYC People: Dina Leor, La Sirena Mexican Folk Art

Dina Leor spoke on the joys and hardships of running her Mexican folk art store, nestled in the heart of […]


Celebrating Indigenous People on Randall’s Island

Hundreds of people gathered at Randall’s Island to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.


Women rally to express outrage at Kavanaugh confirmation


Hours after Kavanaugh confirmation, hundreds protest in NYC


Families of fatal police shootings want their voices heard

"We need a movement where everyone can say, just stop, it needs to stop."


Drag Kid in NYC

Desmond Napoles,10, started dressing in drag when he was two years old.


Grasshopper Tacos are a crunchy feast

Toloache 50, in Midtown, is a Mexican restaurant that serves grasshopper tacos


Puerto Rican families displaced by hurricane, rally to stop FEMA evictions

Housing aid can be lost.


A Gender-free store in Manhattan

Shoppers can try and buy whatever product they like without being judged.