Olympics give wrestling the boot, but wrestlers not giving up

Wrestling: Olympic future and the athletes who aren’t giving up from Pavement Pieces on Vimeo.

In 2020, for the first time since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, wrestling will not be included as one of the 25 core sports, the International Olympic Committee announced last week.

The IOC said wrestling was dropped from the list of core sports “in an effort to ensure the Olympic Games remain relevant to sports fans of all generations.”

The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, known as FILA, represents wrestling on the international level. Since the IOC’s announcement FILA has been under great scrutiny resulting in the resignation the Federation’s President a year before his term was scheduled to culminate.

FILA has nominated a new President, Nenad Lalovic, who is responsible for leading the Federation’s efforts to reinstate wrestling’s place in the Olympic Games. In a statement released February 18th Lalovic said, “One thing is for certain: it is our responsibility alone to address the issues that led to this situation.”

In September the IOC will meet in Argentina to make the final decision on which additional sports to incorporate. For now, wrestling and seven other sports will continue to lobby for their inclusion.